Welcome to David Mellor Horsemanship


David works with the Silversand philosophy of taking into account the horse’s natural way of dealing with new situations and places. “It works on the supposition that he is always trying his best to deal with what is being presented to him.”

“It is also the awareness that some things appear to the horse to be of a life threatening nature although this is not always apparent to us.”

  David’s primary goal is to help students develop their own Horseman skills so that they can become safer and more effective with their own horses. This will allow them to reach their personal goals, whatever that may be.


He sees his role as a facilitator of knowledge and takes his role as a teacher with the respect and dedication that it deserves.

He will help you on your own journey with your horse so you can learn to be your horses perfect partner, and your horse to be the perfect friend.

“We know we can never achieve perfection, but the journey to perfection is what makes Horseman different from other horse riders. Knowing we can never achieve true perfection, but always striving to reach that goal is a sign of a true Horseman.”


David works extensively with the hackamore and believes in the traditional Vaquero style of Horsemanship. Using a lot of the teachings from Jeff Sanders (www.californiabridlehorse.com) to develop horses using a hackamore.  Here you can see David working in the two reins, which incorporates the transition period for the horse from the hackamore to the Spade bit, known as a Bridle horse.

David working with the Garrocha Pole 2015

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